Hey Big Head, It's Homecoming Season

It means alumni, undergraduates, family, friends, and the community coming together to celebrate the greatest which is a university. Being able to see the changes that have occurred throughout the years and talking about the good and the bad things. It’s like a giant family reunion
— Tennessee State University: class of 2015


There are currently 107 Historically Black Colleges and Universities and in 2 weeks, thousands of alumni, family and friends will begin taking magical trips to individual campuses to celebrate culture and tradition at homecoming.  HBCU homecomings are week long celebrations of black culture and excellence.  Although black excellence comes from both college educated and non-college educated people, several success stories both past and present can thank HBCUS for their education in and out of the classroom. 

Homecoming is a time for alumni to return to their "Alma Mama" as some affectionately refer to their Alma Mater and reflect on memories, share experiences with current and future students and affirm their never ending school spirit.  From football games and band battles to concerts, religious events and fashion shows, HBCU homecomings provide many opportunities to celebrate black culture. 

It is not only a time to re-live undergrad, attendees get to fellowship with current students and celebrate their institutions history and traditions.  Sororities and fraternities hit the yard, alumni band members take the field, old flames are rekindled and campus is fueled by generations of school spirit. For anyone who has attended any HBCU homecoming whether large or small, the turn up is REAL.  At HBCU homecomings you are going to get stand-out style, rich history, great food and a great time. 

Everything. It’s like the biggest family reunion ever. Nothing compares. Words can’t really describe it.
— North Carolina A&T Alumni

As a young HBCU alumni, use homecoming to rekindle old flames, establish new bonds,  turn up like in undergrad and GIVE BACK to your college or university.  If you did not attend an HBCU, homecoming can still be a time to remember. Use the opportunity to get a first hand experience at HBCU culture. Believe it or not, the black college and university experience is unique and cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Learn the traditions of HBCUs and create a lifetime bond. The HBCU community will welcome you with open arms.