Is It Too Late For A Quavo Solo Album?

When the world was introduced to Migos, rap group from Gwinnett County, the dynamic of Takeoff, Offset and Quavo offered an exciting sound in Hip Hop music. From their 2013 breakout hit Versace, which caught steam when remixed by Drake, Migos have continued to drop song after song and go straight to the top of the charts.

Dropping mixtapes, albums and videos, even earning a “Best Rap Album” Grammy for Culture, Migos have proven they are more than a fad. As years pass and the trio grows bigger in following, group members ride the roller coaster of fame hitting various ups, downs experiencing the thrill that comes with becoming global pop stars. Currently on an international tour with Drake, Migos continue to reach new heights.

Although the natural chemistry shared between the young men became evident, the push for solo endeavors from fans was also real.  Early on Quavo became the superstar of the collective. The debate can be had that both Takeoff and Offset are better with the bars, but with features everywhere he arguably became the cheat code to making a hit track in any genre.  

Back in 2013, the desire for the Quavo sound on a solo project was all the buzz but in 2018, not so much.

Three solo tracks from Quavo released and WORKIN ME gives the rapper his first entry as a solo act, debuting at 32 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. LAMB TALK and BUBBLEGUM have yet to peak. All three songs are comfortable in the standard Quavo sound which leaves the question, is it too late for a Quavo solo album?

Quavo Huncho the album will not be the first project Quavo has created without his group members. In 2017, Quavo and Houston rapper Travis Scott released long awaited collaborative album Huncho Jack.  Both rappers swung hard yet ultimately struck out. Huncho Jack offered nothing new and quickly fell into the shadows of the collab album fad despite debuting at number one on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Top Rap Albums.

Named “Quarterback of the Culture” by Bleacher Report, his position cannot be denied.Despite multiple songs, mixtapes, features and albums, Quavo’s remains sonically stagnant, for better or for worse. His unique sound may end up being Quavo’s downfall. The vibrant ad-libs, catchy bars and auto-tuned crooning may have ran their course.  The newness faded and what was once a fresh sound, is now an industry standard. Quavo Huncho runs the risk of being one note and repetitive.

No concrete details for Quavo Huncho are confirmed. The announcement shared via Instagram slates September as the release month but no date was listed. During an interview with Angie Martinez, Quavo describes his solo project as a slam dunk.

“It’s an alley-oop for the biggest slam dunk in the game... it’s gonna be crazy... It’s on the way.”
— Quavo on Quavo Huncho

Waiting so long to drop a solo album leaves the Migos frontman with a lot to prove.  Quavo Huncho must go beyond crafting hits and get in the booth and step outside of the box.  It is up to Quavo, to get the people going or Quavo Huncho will stand as proof that some things are just greater in threes.