#Goals : Owning A Home At The Age Of 23

#Goals : Owning A Home At The Age Of 23


March 23, 2017, 23 year old Chynna Keys tweeted a photo while she closed on her first house, little did she know the tweet would be seen by thousands. Keys sent the tweet out and was instantly greeted with congrats, likes and questions from people everywhere.

Chynna is a technology consultant who graduated from HBCU Bowie State University where she was a computer science major.  When the young professional shared her newest purchase to twitter, she did not expect it to gain so much traction

“I just wanted to make an announcement about a pretty big success in my life, and I'm on Twitter quite often so I figured, "Why not?" I actually tweeted the picture while I was at the closing settlement for my house so my phone started blowing up as I was signing the papers!”

The reactions to the tweet were congratulatory and encouraging, a positive vibe virtually spread.

“...I'm actually just very thankful for all of the congratulatory messages I was given! There were so many people that would quote the tweet saying something to the effect of "I don't know you, but I'm so proud of you!", which made me feel amazing”

Home ownership is something that is a goal of many but not often accomplish this at such a young age. To see Chynna become a homeowner was inspiring for all, especially her peers. Many young black woman were inquisitive about.

Chynna’s purchase which she says was one of the best results of the viral tweet.  Dozens have contacted Chynna via Twitter’s direct messaging feature with questions about the process of homeownership.

Her process was relatively easy but the intricate details can get difficult. The following three things are what Chynna recommends anyone who wants to purchase a home should factor into their decision.

Be Honest With Yourself

Take an honest look at your financial situation and determine if buying a home is the best decision. The idea is grand yet everyone operates on their own timeline. Decide whether it is a good time to purchase a home.

“I had to become a lot more responsible with my spending and savings during this process. Try and develop a savings plan. The website/app Mint definitely helps you take an honest look at how much you're spending every month and what you're spending it on. Chipotle every week and Henny every weekend may have to get cut out in order to save more (I can say this because I had to chill on both of those lol)! If you can, try and pay down your debts! Lenders recommend that the debts you pay every month should be no more than around 35-38% of your monthly incomemeaning, if you're taking home $2500 a month, your bills should be around $875-$900. If they aren't, I'd suggest trying to pay some bills down if possible. For me, I had to pay off a few of my credit cards. While it took determination, it helped out in the long run because I qualified for a better loan”

Research Research RESEARCH

Researching is a MAJOR KEY in the home buying process. Keys says the following:

“You want to make sure you're getting the best deal on the house you're purchasing. With a great realtor, this is definitely possible. I'd also recommend checking out Zillow. It's a great app that lets you know all the houses for sale in your area, and it has pretty cool features like an affordability and payment calculators. One of the BIGGEST tips I have is to check out what kind of loan you qualify for. This mattered the most to me because the loan I received from my credit union (NFCU) was a 100% financing loan, meaning I did not have to have a down payment at all. This was extremely helpful because I'm currently using the money I would've been using as a down payment for bills and a bunch of other household expenses. So even though the "standard" down payment for a house is around 20%, there are some first time home buyers programs that have down payments of as low as 0-3.5%”

Have A Support System

Support from family and friends in potential high-stress level situations is always important and purchasing a home is one of them. Keep friends  and family who are able to offer advice, emotional support and more. Chynna had the support of her mother and aunt.

“I literally couldn't have done any of this without the help of my mom and aunt. So I'd definitely say another tip is to utilize any and every mentor, relative, or friend that you trust and know will be there to support you and give you any advice that they have every step of the way! Buying a house is a huge move, support is a major key”

Following Chynna’s tips may put you on the path to homeownership! Keys is not only a 23 year old homeowner with a professional career, she is also a distinguished photographer. View her photography on Instagram at the handle @MadeNChynna or visit her website madenchynna.com.

Through her awesome photography, Chynna is able to capture beauty and emotion on film but also meet some very cool people and see some amazing shows. Her favorite events she has shot thus far are Broccoli City Festival and Afropunk.  The Broccoli City Festival is a festival that encourages healthy lifestyles in urban communities, with great performances, unique vendors and great food.  Keys shot Broccoli City May 2016 where she was able to capture one of a kind photos of artists such as Rare Essence, Jhene Aiko, Future and more.

Jhene Aiko shot by Chynna at the Broccoli City Festival

Jhene Aiko shot by Chynna at the Broccoli City Festival

Afropunk Brooklyn was also an experience. Keys says " It was in Brooklyn last August and the vibe was truly one of jubilance. EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY! Seeing constant smiles on everyone's faces along with so much black art, black excellence, and black beauty just made me never want to leave”  

Chynna is appreciative of comments on her home purchase. She says “Being able to be called an inspiration and "#Goals" was so heartwarming” Overall, Chynna is existing as an example of what determination and hardwork can accomplish. Be sure to follow Chynna on twitter @MadeNChynna! Still have questions? Feel free to email madenchynnaphotos@gmail.com  



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