Cuffing Season Begins With "SEPT 5TH"

Many desire companionship during cuffing season, the hypothetical time of year throughout fall and winter when people fall in and out of lust and love. Released March 27th, 2016, DVSN's SEPT 5TH has all the warm and sensual feels of the whirlwind effect that sometimes leads to lifelong love. Signed to OVO Sound, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Records founded by Drake and Noah "40" Shebib, DVSN makes music perfect for after dark rendezvous and the cuffing season partner who made the cut. 

DVSN masters classic tones with a contemporary flare that creates the perfect modern R&B. This makes SEPT 5TH, the debut album from the Canadian group the perfect soundtrack for cuffing season.  Behind the division sign stand producer Paul Jefferies, known as Nineteent85 and singer Daniel Daley, combining their talents to craft their solid sound.  The album SEPT 5TH, executively produced by both Nineteen85 and 40, features stand out tracks such as Hallucinations, Angela and In + Out. 

Little more time with you
I could go through the whole night with you
Yeah, see ‘em all but I fly with you
I could go the whole night with you
What’s up, what’s up? What the body do?
Like a new car when the body new
Wanna get in, wanna ride with you
Ride on me, I’ll ride on you
— With Me x DVSN

In hindsight, the debut album is perfect for cuffing season. Marked by the mathematical sign for division, the anonymity of the duo can be shared with those who are shared by their lover on social media with vague references to him, her or them. A beautiful nightmare of cuffing season is that nobody has to know, with a sense of security adding to the rush of warm romance. 

From tracks one through ten, the highs and low aspects of love and lust are chronicled.  If you are not ready for cuffing season, you will be after finishing this album.