Watch Ill Camille Perform For NPR's "Tiny Desk" Concert Series

Please don’t knock my hustle homie
Cause I won’t knock yours
Wanna put that “Chilla” on my back
Marble on those floors
Man, I’m grinding dog
Til I put a plaque on the wall
Man, I’m grinding dog
Til I’m dead and gone

Ill Camille's music awakens a succoring feeling of peace and somber yet hopeful consciousness. Her album Heirloom feeds the belly of hip-hop often starved by mainstream musicians.  The album takes listeners directly to Compton, providing vibrant images of family, friends, community and Black culture, exploring themes ranging from black womanhood, strength, disparity, love and beyond.

Released on  March 6 2017 through Jakarta Records, Heirloom flawlessly showcases Ill Camille's lyrical talent  and for NPR's Tiny Desk concert series, the artist performed a few tracks with a the assistance of a live band. 

Her voice is like a cool drink on a summer’s day: smooth, clear and replenishing. Her refreshing self-awareness and raw honesty are inherent in each song, pairing nicely with the jazzy, melodic rhythms provided by her close knit crew of musicians.

For NPR, Ill Camille performed 4 songs featured on Heirloom accompanied by live musicians in true Tiny Desk fashion.  She is joined by Iman Omari on keys, Greg Paul  on drums), Aneesa Strings on (bass) and  Damani Nkosi's partnering vocals.  Watch the entire performance below.