Bay Area Rapper Saeed Creates Music Inspiring Others To Overcome Adversity

Saeed, an up and coming hip hop artists has a lot to say through his music.  As the rap world grows and makes room for more subgenres, Saeed continues to be his authentic self, not jumping on any waves. He is very clear with his musical identity and making his own lane in West Coast Rap.

Saeed, refers to himself as a “Street Poet” raps about overcoming adversity and the triumph after struggling which he knows all too well. Watching his father serve over 10 years in prison as a child, the rapper faced his own issues. At 14, Saeed faced a run-in with the law and from that point would fight the racial biases of the criminal justice system. During one of his run-ins with the law, Saeed was introduced to ReV. Charles TInsley, a juvenile hall chaplain who helped Saeed get on the right track.


Since his exit of the juvenile system in 2005, Saeed has earned two college degrees and influenced many through his creativity.  Saeed has always had a passion for music and has worked on his artistry for 15 years.  

I think people really started considering me a rapper in 10th grade I used to freestyle and battle rap but always preferred to put the pen to the pad and go lay it down in the booth and critique my delivery and style

While he has been rapping since adolescence, Saeed’s first major break came in 2015 when his mindset shifted and he began to take his rap career seriously. Saeed opened up for Nipsey Hussle in his first major show and has not slowed down since. Saeed hopes to continue to grow with his music.

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do! I just aspire to inspire and impact people’s live[s] through my story and testimony, spark the fire to create the change we need as a people.

Saeed’s latest project, his first album, #WriteNow released in May 2017 is currently available on most mainstream music streaming services including Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes. His next project #All4Siah is set to debut January 29th 2018 via Soundcloud at  Visit his website and follow his Instagram @Saeed4Music to stay updated.