Album Spotlight: Chloe and Halle’s “The Kids Are Alright”

The premier album by sisterhood bonded duo Chloe And Halle The Kids Are Alright takes pop, soul, R&B and hip hop sounds and fuse them together for a fierce introduction to the music industry. Although the two have existed in entertainment and music spaces, this debut album gives fans a distinct sound and voice, prevalent in their art and still growing.

Chloe And Halle, groomed by Beyonce herself have blossomed from YouTube music covers of popular song to creating their own sound. One of these covers included the sisters version of Pretty Hurts which caught the attention of Queen Bey and they were signed to her company, Parkwood Entertainment.

While the duo has released an EP in 2016  Symphony and an experimental mixtape The Two Of Us in 2017, The Kids Are Alright makes their first official album.  

The title means so much to us; we’re speaking about ourselves as we’re growing into young women, telling ourselves we’re going to be OK. We’ll make mistakes and we’ll have obstacles, but we’ll overcome them. But then also in a general sense, with this generation and how the world has gone mad and all these crazy things that are left for this generation to handle, it’s just proclaiming that we will be alright no matter what, and they shouldn’t worry about us. I love being part of this generation because we’re not afraid to let our voices be heard, and we’re not afraid to speak our mind.
— Chloe x TIME

Since the album became available on Tidal, my go-to streaming service, it has been on repeat. While Chloe And Halle are only 19 and 17 respectively, they have created an age appropriate album without falling into the trap of a “kiddie bop” compilation. Partly due to the strength of their voices, the duo manage to deliver eclectic and inspiring music that any age can enjoy.

The sisters who currently star on FreeForm’s Grown-Ish do not abide by industry rules, a trait arguably fostered by Beyonce.  The album is jazzy, fun, and free. With some super dope features, The Kids Are Alright explores concepts of womanhood,  aspects love and feelings of hope and empowerment.  I enjoyed the album from beginning to end, and rarely desired to skip a song.

We’ve been working on this album since three years ago, since before our EP, and before our mixtape. We were choosing from a catalogue of over 400 songs, since we were creating every day. But we think of all our songs as our babies, so it’s really hard to choose. That’s why the mixtape, we put it out there as the album rejects — but we still love those songs. Working on the album, it took a lot of preciseness to figure out what we wanted to include. We feel like this album is our baby.
— Halle x TIME

Chloe And Halle are credited as songwriters on every track. Halle plays the guitar and Chloe produces their sound. The sisters say they have worked on the album for over 3 years before both their EP and mixtape.  If you ask me, the process has paid off.

In a time where newer groups are disbanding and older groups are rebranding, attempting to make the new millennium comeback, Chloe And Halle prove their genuine formula is working.

While I enjoyed every song, below are my six favorite tracks from Chloe and Halle’s The Kids Are Alright

-Hi Lo Featuring GoldLink-


-Happy Without Me Featuring Joey Bada$$-

-If God Spoke-

-Fake Featuring Kari Faux-

-Baby on a Plane-
— The Kids Are Alright