Author Alex Auguste's "We Missed A Meeting" Shares The Tragedy and Triumph Of Millennial Life

Author Alex Auguste's "We Missed A Meeting" Shares The Tragedy and Triumph Of Millennial Life

Millennial has become synonymous with "young people" and often used in a negative manner when shouted from headlines, blogs and stories written by prior generations. In reality, the millennial generation are all adults, working to survive in a flawed society passed down from Generation X, Baby Boomers and all prior generations. While millennials are killing industries, crafting new lanes, rising up and leading demonstrations for change, the social, familial and professional struggles are alive and well. These experiences are all painted through the story of Richard Ferguson in Alex Auguste's We Missed A Meeting. 

We Missed A Meeting exists as a heralding tale of identity crises, conspiracy theories and experimental science fiction elements. Taking place in the year 2020, Ferguson, the main character,  lives in a future that is not too far off. At 26 years old he faces the ultimate struggle of many in the millennial generation, often labeled a "quarter life crisis." 


The fiction story came to fruition from the mind of Alex Auguste, also known as Mistah Marvel. The media maven ventures in hosting, writing, radio broadcasting and more. With a strong voice on social commentary Mistah Marvel adapted themes from his own life to mold the character of Richard Ferguson and write We Missed A Meeting.

We Missed A Meeting is available now on PatreonWattpad. Pre-Orders for paperback copies will be made available in the coming months. 

Check out the interview below for more on Alex Auguste insight on We Missed A Meeting and more. 


Micia Girl: As a millennial what aspects of millennial culture do you think are overlooked by society as a whole? 

Alex Auguste : I think Millennial Culture is this crossroad between sticking to tradition, but knowing that a new convention or new conventions have to be introduced. In short, I think whether it's career, relationships, love life, work-life balance, Millennials are being forced to wing it. So, I think that's tremendously overlooked, even by us.

MG: Do you believe social, economic and racial disparities effect millennials differently than previous generations? more or less? 

AA: We were raised believing that the world was a better place than what the generations before us had to deal with. So, I think how it effects us is that most of us were well within our early 20s when we really got wind of the fact that it's not what it is. It's not equal. It's not fair. And we do have to work twice as hard to be half as good. 


MG: How does the narrative of Richard Ferguson relate to you personally?  

AA: Naturally I was going to pour all my own experiences into Richard and I thought that maybe that might be too easy. If Richard was a real person, he and I probably wouldn't see eye to eye. But at the same time, and you'll see throughout this story he's put in positions I would never want to be in.

MG: The complexity of Richard Ferguson allows room for both celebration and critique.  How do you believe his ideals and actions are received? 

AA: He's really complex, so I think it's natural that at first everyone celebrates, or at least is cheering for him. That's the ideals, but his actions or lack thereof is where the critique comes in, and I think that is part of his character arc that I put in because he is a Black man. How he is brought up and how he has managed to get to where he is has given him tools to do well, have good intentions, but the actions he has to take conflict. You'll have to read the full book.

MG: How important is it for this story to be told? What motivated you to write "We Missed A Meeting" 

AA: I think it's huge. I think that it is an eye-opener for anyone who reads it because there is this constant introduction of new elements on every page you turn. Everybody will apply their own experiences to this story and for that reason, there is conversation to he had about who we are individually, collectively, and even at our best and worst intersections. We can be openly critical about the world we live in, but we're talking and we hardly listen, and for me "We Missed a Meeting" was like 3 or 4 years of listening, reading, debates, bring an active part in the world and then stepping away to say, "this is what it looks like from the outside in". 

MG: What do you hope readers take from reading the story? 

AA: That we missed a meeting.

MG: As far as fiction writing, what's next from you as an author?

AA: I studied fiction at USF, so it's the core to my writing. There's a lot more coming for "We Missed A Meeting" and there are other bodies of work that I'm building up now. It's exciting to see a storyline grow and that so many young black readers are diving into fiction. I definitely want to be part of that world.

Born and raised in Florida, Alex Auguste, or Mistah Marvel, is a writer and entertainer in the Tampa Bay area. From his business ventures in live radio adn podcast production with GoodKnocking Entertainment Group to his freelance work with publications including OkayAfrica and MiMConnect, his writing portfolio will soon include his first major work of fiction “We Missed A Meeting”. For more on new pieces of work, social commentary, and more, follow @MistahMarvel on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 



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