Jay Z Thanks Rappers of the Past, Present and Future in Series of Tweets

Jay Z, arguably one of the greatest to EVER touch the mic made history when he became the very first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.  As expected musicians and artists of every genre and medium paid homage to the Brooklyn legend.

Jay Z, whose wife Beyonce is rumored to have just given birth to their twins, took to social media network to express his gratitude for over 50 rappers old and new alike. These struggle tweets are a little hard to read, possibly due to Jay Z’s lack of social media use and age however the names were there and the love was felt. 

Jay Z begins his tweets “Thank you to all the people that have inspired me” and began listing some of hip-hop's pioneers as freshman in the game. Artists from KRS1, Tupac and Big to Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar received a shout-out from Jay Z.  well  Newcomer Tee Grizzley even got highlighted for having the best song out.  

T he most iconic moment in the Twitter storm was the shout-out of 44th President Barack Obama.  Jay Z shared a Dropbox link containing a video that would not load however, it quickly ended up on the timeline. Former president Obama commemorated Jay Z for being a skilled artist, and outstanding person  in a speech inducting the rapper into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.   Obama noted that both he and his friend Jay Z come from similar backgrounds and both achieved similar lifestyles and that he is perhaps the only POTUS to play Jay Z in the oval office.

Midway through, Jay Z tweeted his frustration and exclaimed he will be deleting the app in the morning.   Check out more of the Twitter thank you speech retweeted around the world below.  For the entire thread,  follow Jay Z on Twitter.