Rapper Boosie Allegedly Threatens To Knock Daughter's Teeth Out

Torrence Hatch Jr. , widely known by the stage name Lil Boosie or Boosie BadAzz finds himself in a social media nightmare with serious threats and allegations. The mother of his daughter, Rachel Wagner shared audio of the Baton Rouge rapper threatening to kill her as well as physically abuse his daughter.

Lil Boosie’s daughter Torianna, the alleged recipient of these messages was a target of the vile rant aimed at her mother. Shared during an Instagram live feed orchestrated by the mother on Tori’s account (@royaljewel_tori) Lil Boosie can be heard saying “tell that bitch im taking her out of my will.” and continues with “I’m going to black her fuc*ing eye when I see her.”

Although to many through his seemingly affectionate social media posts featuring moments with his children, this verbal abuse counts as the second time in recent history Lil Boosie’s parenting made headlines with Toriana and third time all-together. Below, Wagner shares details about an alleged incident in May 2017. 

uring the May 2017 incident, Wagner accused Lil Boosie of refusing to return Toriana to her custody filing an motion in court claiming the rapper illegally detained their child. The case has since been thrown out by judges yet.  In August 2017, Lil Boosie celebrated his son’s 14th birthday promising the teenager oral sex with via Instagram (which has not been deleted) promising him a bag of money and a “bad bitch to give you some head.” 

The post lead many to deduce that either Lil Boosie referred to a teenage girl around his sons age as a bad bitch he would solicit for sexual acts or that the father of eight would provide a grown woman to engage in a sexual act with his teenage son. While he shrugged this off as just a joke, the most recent incident came with Lil Boosie’s rebuttal via Instagram live.

Lil Boosie has responded to the rant not by claiming those statements as his or even apologizing for the rant but by attempting to discredit the baby mother using her sexual history and alleged criminal past.